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We get you views.

We are creators and programmers who can help you build an audience...

Aux Mode is a global content network founded to distribute and monetize content. We work with video content providers world wide to grow their audience, create partnerships with advertisers and own their subscribers.

We amplify your product over the internet and generate new income sources from successful and under performing assets.

We liaison between individual creators and YouTube, since YouTube is unable to work directly with all of the top creators.


Get better results from existing content.


What We Do. Our List Of Services.

Help creators build & share audiences. Distribute and market content throughout the net.

Join our network of content creators and let us expand your distribution network and increase your audience.



    We help you get video views.  Provide access to video production and promotion services.


    We database all your content, email addresses, contests, surveys and event announcements.


    We build you a new brand, new logo, new website and unique promotional content.


    Shortening development schedules is a top priority. Our goal is to publish your content ASAP.

Advertising can be sold before watching the video, an in video ad, left hand side bar outside of the video or as a link at the end of the video (or anytime in the video) to other videos which generates more video views. Seek sponsors for branded video entertainment opportunities and monetize original content on YouTube, social networks and unique websites.

Content Distribution Management
Videos are distributed via video sharing trending apps such as Keek and Vine, social networks such as Twitter,Facebook and established websites Vimeo and YouTube are all used to promote your content.

Content Promotional Campaigns
Seed B2B content to dramatically increase content visibility. Utilize internet trends to help market content to specific demographics. Effectively disseminating social content to your B2B audience.

Content Repurposing
Revitalize existing content. Our techniques and tools can rebrand and resuscitate unusable and stagnate properties into a viable revenue stream.

Email Marketing
Direct market to groups using email lists or your existing customer database. We utilize email to distribute ads, migrate business, solicit sales, build loyalty, trust and brand awareness. We convert your YouTube subscribers, Facebook friends, Twitter followers to your Opt In Subscribers.

Our ecommerce solution is easier than ever and totally free to our clients. Our API allows all purchasers to pay direct to you and get shipping direct from product warehouse without lifting a finger.

Ticket and Donations
Full service online ticket and donation engine. Manage modify events with low ticket fees. Embed ticket engine on your website and integrate with Facebook.


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Feature Creators.

Joining our network brings you to YouTube’s Partner Program. Videos that you monetize will be eligible for premium ads sold by YouTube, which translates into higher increased earnings for you.

Job Openings

Help Create a Great Company
Please email us your resume below if interested in joining our team.  We are currently looking for:

1. Website designer with the following attributes: HTML, HTML5, Wordpress, CSS3, and Responsive Design best practices.
2. Graphic Artist with the following attributes: Adobe CS.
3. Database developer with the following attributes: Ruby on Rails.
4. Database developer with the following attributes: MySQL.

Job Openings




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We are always looking for content producers.  If you have an idea for a web based show, have an old TV show & are looking for help getting online, or learning how video views generate revenue please email.

Head office is in Toronto. If you're in the area...

Phone: 416 214 9288